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How we fine-tuned HAProxy to achieve 2,000,000 concurrent SSL connections

If you look at the above screenshot closely, you’ll find two important pieces of information:

  1. This machine has 2.38 million TCP connections established, and
  2. The amount of RAM being used is around 48 Gigabytes.

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Use HAProxy to load balance 300k concurrent tcp socket connections: Port Exhaustion, Keep-alive and others

I’m trying to build up a push system recently. To increase the scalability of the system, the best practice is to make each connection as stateless as possible. Therefore when bottleneck appears, the capacity of the whole system can be easily expanded by adding more machines. Speaking of load balancing and reverse proxying, Nginx is probably the most famous and acknowledged one. However, TCP proxying is a rather recent thing. Continue reading

MySQL 5.7 Multi-Source Replication – Automatically Combining Data From Multiple Databases Into One

MySQL’s multi-source replication allows you to replicate data from multiple databases into one database in parallel (at the same time). This post will explain and show you how to set up multi-source replication. (WARNING: This is a very long and detailed post. You might want to grab a sandwich and a drink. Continue reading

How to install and configure MariaDB Galera as master to master replication cluster on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

How do I install and configure MariaDB Galera master to master cluster on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS server to get both read and write scalability?

MariaDB Galera Cluster is an open source and free synchronous multi-master cluster for MariaDB database. It is available on Linux only and only supports the XtraDB/InnoDB storage engines. There is experimental support for MyISAM, but it is not well tested. Starting with MariaDB 10.1, the wsrep API for Galera Cluster is included by default. Continue reading